The whatever it takes mindset required for startup success is fraught with stress, heartbreak, and a little insanity.

In Ten Months: One Entrepreneur’s Journey to Successfully Thread the Needle, Jason Richardson brings you behind the scenes of the American Dream. From past traumas that resulted in rejecting failure no matter what to a professional drive that didn’t know how to stop, Jason provides a candid look into the nightmares and triumphs of relentless high achievement.

In 2015, Jason took the startup plunge. Leaving his high-paying job and corporate stability behind, he struck out on his own to reach the biggest goal of his professional life.

Battling endless external setbacks and intense internal demons, Jason refused to give in to giving up. In 2016, ten months after embarking on his professional journey, Jason declared victory when he established his insurance startup.

Hardwired for high achievement, Jason’s story is both a cautionary tale on the consequences of success at all cost and a case study in American entrepreneurship.